MMS Enwicklung und Produkton von Carbonteilen

The focus is on the development and manufacture of components made from continuous and long fiber-reinforced plastics.

Thanks to our technological lead in the area of processing technology, which we have achieved by means of our own special process developments, we manufacture fiber composite components in medium- to large scale series cost-effectively and of unvarying top quality.

Latches for looms:
Weight-saving compared to original brass part, 75%.

More product examples (see pictures).
Blade holders and conveyor belt

brake lever for mountain bikes,
50% saving in weight,
with brilliant appearance
and various colors

loudspeaker inlay for a
brilliant appearance and
better sound quality
CFRP tubes of any length and dimensions

The distinctive characteristic of our fiber composite components

extremely light and at the same time highly tensile
The high weight-specific strength of the fiber composite materials used for processing results in tremendous lightweight construction potential. High moments of inertia, for example, are as a result a thing of the past.

wear-resistant with simultaneously low coefficients of sliding friction
Our own sliding material developments can considerably reduce the wear of tribologically-stressed components and also lower friction coefficients.

chemical and hydrolysis resistant
Thanks to the use of chemical-resistant matrix systems and fibers, composite materials are created which can be subjected to environments with extreme chemical loads.

Even after several thousand load changes, fiber composite components show only a slight loss of strength, and as a result maximum dynamic strength.

dimensionally stable
As a result of the very low thermal expansion coefficients of fiber composite components, a high degree of dimensional stability is achieved.

As a result of the use of thermoplastic fiber-reinforced plastics, components can not only be reshaped, but are also recyclable.

The manufacturing processes that we customize for each product guarantee economic manufacture of composite components of constantly high quality!

Additional possible characteristics of our fiber composite components are biocompatibility, good oscillation and damping characteristics, high energy absorption capacity, electric or di-electric characteristics, corrosion and weather resistance, transparency for electromagnetic waves and much more.

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