MMS Enwicklung und Produkton von Carbonteilen

All of the standard and special manufacturing procedures listed below are available to us for manufacturing fiber composite components. The individual processes are customized for the particular components to be manufactured in the interests of efficient production.

The for the most part automated production systems guarantee high process reliability and components of unchanging high quality at a low price. Our company is equipped with additional special installations and special devices for the manufacture of prototypes, which permits us to manufacture test models affordably, fast and in an uncomplicated way.

With the FCM (fiber controlled molding) process we have developed, it is possible to manufacture volume components both from continuous and long fiber reinforced plastics with ideal fiber orientation, maximum fiber volume content and excellent laminate quality. For example, the ideal fiber orientation is a precondition for maximum strength values. This procedure has a high degree of automation (high process reliability and reproducibility) and is suitable for medium- to high production runs.
In the case of the RTM process (resin transfer moulding) dry continuous fiber preforms consisting of several fiber positioned layers are placed in a form and completely moistened using resin injection and hardened.
In the pultrusion process, continuous fibers are pressed into rods and profiles with a thermoplastic matrix. We specialize in producing tubes in various dimensions completely automatically through a further development of this process.
Prepreg compression molding
In this process pre-impregnated reinforcement materials (so-called prepregs) are processed. Advantageous in this procedure is the homogeneous matrix distribution and fast hardening.

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