MMS Enwicklung und Produkton von Carbonteilen

We deal with the development and manufacture of innovative components made of continuous and long fiber-reinforced plastics.

As a dynamic and innovative team, we are flexible during every phase of product development and manufacture, thanks to our specialized mechanical engineering and workshops, and react rapidly and effectively.

Our partners and customers benefit from the very highest quality carbon composite components which, thanks to our for the most part in-house developed manufacturing processes, can be economically produced.

Our many years of experience in processing and product development in the area of fiber-reinforced plastics enables us to advise you in advance regarding the possibility of fiber-reinforced plastic component manufacture, what materials are suitable for your application, what manufacturing process appears to be most appropriate for manufacturing the component and what characteristics the component will finally possess.

Besides information as to time and costs, a subsequent submission of tenders involves a description of all important component characteristics to be expected.

In the case of development projects, we draw up a development concept, which in addition to component and manufacturing relevant information, includes important information as to time and cost estimates.

The prototypes required for basic tests are produced rapidly and cost-effectively. The special devices and –systems required for mass production are customized for particular products and as a result, guarantee efficient manufacturing of composite components with constant high quality.

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